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ENHANCE YOUR LIFE AND Renew Your Spirit at CDR Plastic Surgery. Dr. Carl del los Reyes is a Board certified plastic surgeon in Honolulu.

    Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in HawaiI

    Dr. Carl de los Reyes is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Honolulu Hawaii and Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He has undergone extensive training and rigorous testing. Dr. Carl de los Reyes grew up in Pearl City, Hawaii and graduated from Iolani School. Dr. de los Reyes received his undergraduate degree from Columbia University before returning to complete his medical degree at the University of Hawaii.

    Over 20 years of professional experience on Oahu!
    Over a thousand happy patients!

    Patient Testimonials


    Doctor de los Reyes, thank you for the wonderful job you did on my tummy tuck. My clothes fit and look so much better now that I don’t have that ugly buldge of fat! I like how the scar is hidden in the bikini line and does not show when I wear a bikini. I also love that a lot of my stretch marks are gone with my fat! Thank you again.


    I want to thank you for putting my worries to rest. The surgery was done so painlessly that I did not even know you had removed the lump. It was done so well that after it heals, you won’t even be able to tell I had surgery there. I am happy to see that the lump is gone and I feel relieved when I rub my fingers there I do not feel the lump anymore. Thank you!


    Dear Dr. Carl and Staff,
    Thank you for helping me in my journey to becoming the new and improved me! Now I look perky, my tummy is flat, my arms don’t jiggle and my neck doesn’t sag. I love it! Thank you to you and your staff for helping me through this journey.

    The A's

    Just a little something to say thank you. I know cookies can’t compare to what you have done for my husband. When we look at his arm now, it’s so much nicer than what I thought it would be thanks to you. Many thanks a million times over!


    Dear Doctor,
    We’d like to thank you for your excellent work on caring for our son. His surgery on his cleft lip went wonderful and thanks to you and your team, he will have a beautiful smile! God Bless you and your family!”


    Dr. Carl de los Reyes,
    Thank you so much for the most excellent care that you have given me during my recent surgery. It’s the reason why I’m speedily on my way to recovery! Wishing you a “Happy Thanksgiving.” There is so much to be thankful for.


    Dr. de los Reyes,
    Thank you very much for helping me in getting back a part of myself through this reconstruction. And, for being a competent and gentle spoken Dr. And….. Happy Birthday!
    Many Blessings & Aloha,


    Dear Dr. Carl de los Reyes, I want to thank you and your staff for your kindness and caring manner. I am so glad I went to you for a second opinion. You sat down with me and talked about what you would be doing, and answered all my questions. I felt very at ease about having the surgeries to remove all the excess skin from my body. It will be 5 years on November 6, 2011 since I’ve had the gastric bypass surgery, and with your help I feel like my old self again… or should I say my younger self again.
    I have been recommending, and will continue to do so, to everyone considering thie procedure or any type of plastic surgery to you.
    Sincerely yours,

    The K Family

    Dear Dr. de los Reyes,
    I don’t know if you remember us, but you did surgery on Kaleb’s foot six years ago when he was hit by a car and luckily was okay except his foot was run over by the car. He is 9 years old now and is a rascal, but doing great. We are sever so thankful for coming in after hours to perform surgery on his foot. I know how busy you are, so thank you again for everything. We hope you have a Wonderful Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!
    Happy Holidays


    Dr. de los Reyes,
    I can’t thank you enough for such a great experience for my breast augmentation! You & your staff were great!! I love the change and it’s been an overall great experience!! God Bless!

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