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Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation surgery is a way to bring balance to the facial structure and correcting a weak chin due to related bone resorption or facial trauma. The Chin Augmentation procedure can be as simple as tissue augmentation filler or a more involved surgical procedure such as implanting a silicone chin implant to enhance the chin.

A weak chin can cause otherwise normal facial features such as a normal nose appear large or an already pronounced nose can look larger. A weak or small chin also give the appearance of a fleshy neck. Chin Augmentation surgery can offer a balanced relationship within the structure of the face

During the pre surgical consultation, the surgeon will assess your overall facial structure, the size of your chin in relation to other facial features such as your nose, cheeks and your neck. The surgeon will take measurements, and will ask questions about your medical history, previous facial surgeries you may have had, and if your face has suffered any trauma, especially the chin area.

Based upon these factors the surgeon will then make recommendations for surgery, and explain the options available to you for chin augmentation surgery. This could include having work done to your chin’s bone structure, and options for a chin implant.

If the surgeon recommends a chin implant, he/she will explain the different types of chin implants available, and also explain what to expect from your chin augmentation surgery. Anyone considering chin augmentation or chin implant surgery should be realistic about the expected results, and follow all instruction given by the surgeon.

Pre and post-operative instructions will be given by the surgeon and you should follow these instructions carefully, in order to heal properly and get the best results from your surgery.

For Chin Augmentation in Hawaii contact board certified plastic surgeon Carl de los Reyes